call of the wild

Wild Sensual Poetry

call of the wild

call of the wild

Answer the wild


It really is okay to be a little wild, to let up the control and let down your hair.

It’s okay because the woman that you’re working so hard to become is already within you; and the little girl that you once were will never leave. They’re all singing together – the maiden, the mother, and the crone – and it’s this unified song that guides you on your journey of uncovering, of discovering and becoming.

You don’t have to be quite so serious all the time; because you see there’s nothing to escape and nothing to chase. You already are that which you’re hoping to become. From where else does the dream come but the dreamer? From who else does the woman emerge but the girl?

Go ahead and let your hair fly in the face of structure, let your dresses spin, your hips sway and your sex free. Trust in your wholeness. Live in the now and dance for today. Go ahead and be wild, beautiful woman. In your wholeness you already know – it really is okay, in fact I insist.


An Elemental Clash


Every time we’re drawn near to one another,

we’re inexplicably, uncontrollably pulled into each other,

crashing into a fury of wind, water and fire.

A dance of order of chaos. An elemental storm.

Beautiful, wild and destructive.

Clearing karmic energy as faster and faster we spin.

Rationality dissolves.

Flames leap and sway in a fiery dance of passion.

Torrential curtains of tears and sweat leave nothing but stillness in their wake;

each storm’s end painted in gold by the rising sun,

glimpsed anew through sated, jaded eyes.


Elemental Mistress


His Elemental mistress,

seeps into his dreams,

breathing life to his core;

as a storm to reclaim

her primordial paramour


Be Brave

Be brave. Sure they won’t be ready,

but the heart waits for no-one.

Say it anyway. Write it anyway.

Sing anyway.  Be a catalyst if you have to.

Don’t wait for the world to be ready.

When the spirit says dance, you dance.


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A thirty something, fifties inspired traveller with a love of home comforts and pretty things. Lives in Norwich, plays in London.

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