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Vintage Basic Bakes

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Now I was spoilt as a child, always coming home to some form of cake or treat after school. I never needed sweets as there was always a fairy cake or a cheese straw that my mum had knocked up from some left over ingredients.

My mum had one tiny book for baking and it was a bible for everything – all these fancy cook books that are out there now are great but Be-ro flour provided a recipe book that covered everything.

In the 1920s self raising flour was new out but under used so Bero decided to educate people on its benefits. As a result a free recipe book was produced and handed out at the exhibitions as well as door to door. The Be-Ro cookbook contained recipes to feed hungry families on a very low budget.

They soon became an essential part of a young woman’s education in running a home and feeding a family. Be-ro is now on it’s 41st edition of the book which can be bought from their site for only £2.50 – a blooming bargain.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be trying some of the classics and proving that vintage can stretch to baking as well as other things you love.  Lets be clear here, I’m as successful in the kitchen as I am in the gym or when it comes to being on time – that means not very!  I have a bowl, a £3.00 hand mixer from ASDA and lots of british spirit so I will not be doing anything fancy – most things will probably be beige in colour and require nothing that you cannot buy in your local Spar.

Fingers Crossed on my culinary journey!

baking bero easy

Basic baking with maximum taste



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