Beauty of the Inbetween

Relaxing in the In-between

Being caught in your truth

I’ve heard lots this week about ‘living my truth’ and I’ve come to realise that so many of us actually get stuck in our ‘truth’ and then can’t see around/through it. As the sun marches across the sky each day, and the moon slips past the sleepy world below each night, they cast a series of veils across the world, each woven with different threads of colour and light.

Each veil is uniquely stunning and carries a distinctive kind of energy — the invigoratingly bright light of afternoon, the inspiriting glimmer of mid-morning, and the intoxicating starkness of midnight — yet it seems that what really sparks the deepest of human passion and sets poets to paper is the merging of sun and moon, day and night. It’s with the dusk and the dawn that many of us are most infatuated.

When the moonlight comes

When the moonlight comes

The Beauty of the In Between

It’s during these transitional times, as the darkness slowly surrenders to morning light or as the last thread of the evening weaves itself into the dark fabric of night, that we’re the most comfortable in our nakedness — in thought, feeling, and form alike. By the softening glow of the rising and setting sun, we tend to slow our fast-paced minds, open our hearts, and let our creativity flow naturally.

It seems that, as the lines between day and night get blurry, so also do the lines between our minds and our souls, between the internal and the external, and between feeling and expression.

Perhaps this is because the dusk and the dawn are heavenly displays of our own likeness, and maybe they represent what we so eagerly repress within ourselves.

Embracing Our Contradictions

The sunrise and the sunset make a blatant display of their contradictions, and perhaps seeing that gives us permission to accept that we too are made up of paradoxes, defined by the melding of opposites. We have material bodies and yet are made of celestial dust; we all have shadows and yet are made of light. We are the form that ties the heavens to the earth, the space between thought and form. We are dusk and dawn embodied.

Sunset transitions

Sunset transitions

Just like the sun and the moon, we go through countless phases within phases — they spiral through our days, our years, and our many lifetimes. We move from being consumed with thought to following the whisper of intuition, from being grounded in the physical world to focusing on the spiritual energy that makes it spin. We are as blessed to express our brightness as our darkness; and the pleasures of force and form are equally enthralling.

We are forever transitioning between varied shades, creating a kaleidoscope of experience that is nothing short of exquisite.

Maybe it’s our ability to shine with such varied brightness that makes the human experience so beautiful and such a perfect medium for spiritual development. And maybe that’s what the transitioning sky tries to remind us as it paints itself with contrasting colors every morning and every evening.

The Mother Gives Us a Kick to Keep Moving

Perhaps it’s Mother Nature’s way of telling us to stop getting stuck in one phase of our being, to stop shining at the same intensity and allow ourselves to flow naturally through different shades, like the sun and the moon flow naturally through theirs.

Unlike those brilliant celestial guides, however, we’re led to believe that picking one particular path and sticking to it is a mark of maturity; and we’re taught to hide the parts of ourselves that make us uncomfortable rather than expressing, healing, and making use of them.

We thus limit ourselves to one certain way of being, thinking, or living — disciplined or tolerant, optimistic or realistic, spiritual or physical — and just like living in a world that’s perpetually midday or midnight, we eventually grow bored with the phase we’re in, and find ourselves always hungering for something more than what we have or what we are.

Fully appreciating the human experience, and evolving as spirits in the process, requires flexibility; it demands that we bring ourselves back into the dusk and dawn of our being. We aren’t here to deny the flesh in our attempts to feed the spirit, but neither are we meant to get so lost in the flesh that we deny the truth of who we are.

We’re here to learn from the experience of both, to discover truth in that place where two opposites merge, and we can do this best by embracing and balancing our two aspects.

Take A Trip Into Your Childlike World

When we step into that place of balance — through meditation, focused observation, or artistic creation — we unlock a magical doorway that takes us back to the world we knew as children, a world of endless mystery and intrigue, limitless possibilities, a world where everything has an edge of playfulness to it.

The moment that we risk stepping outside of the identity that we’ve created for ourselves, we tear down the dams that keep our creative potential from flowing spontaneously, and thus flood our lives with passion and purpose.

This is what we see in the dusk and the dawn, as the light clashes with the dark, the sun kisses the moon, and the colors of the rainbow melt together on the same canvas — we see how beautiful it can be when the light and the shadow are accepted for what they are and thus can intermingle. In the sunrise and the sunset, we get to watch as potential awakens from the infinite palate of the in-between where nothing is held back and nothing is forced.

Beauty of the Inbetween

Beauty of the Inbetween

Perhaps the next time you find yourself looking out over the horizon as the day closes, or as a new day is just beginning, you will find in it a new kind of inspiration. Maybe that sunset or sunrise will remind you, as it will me, that it’s okay to relax in that in-between place sometimes. It’s alright to do something different, to be someone different — to think, feel, understand, or act in a new way.

Maybe the beauty of the transitioning sky will remind us that our true nature isn’t midday, evening, morning, or night — it is of the dusk and the dawn, the place between places, and that we should enjoy all that each has to offer to its fullest while also being ready and willing to transition to the next and then back again.

Maybe, just maybe, we will remember that we too can wrap ourselves in an endless array of veils woven of various threads of light and color as diverse and divine as those cast across our morning and evening skies.


A thirty something, fifties inspired traveller with a love of home comforts and pretty things. Lives in Norwich, plays in London.

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