Sensory Poetry


And then after so much fight,

it comes with no fanfare, no preface, no applause.

The simplest little thought that passes by,

almost unnoticed,

like the tinies tendril on an almost forsaken tree.

I’m happy.

So short, so simple, so sweet,

and yet with the power to answer a thousand questions,

settle a thousand storms,

and jump start a faltering heart

The Truth

Every time that I remember the truth,

I become like a the perennial in Spring.

I open and I laugh.

I become like the babbling brook.

I relax and I flow.

I become like the molting hawk.

I make room for the new by letting the old go.

The Dark

First learn to love

the darkness of night

and you’ll see so much more

beauty in stars

The Taste of You

I want to drink every last drop of you:

Let me taste every colour within

Show me your stripped down naked soul

As I follow the roadmap of your skin.

I want to ride every last turn with you;

Let me kiss and caress every person you’ve been.

I want to sip and savour every shade of you.

While I stroke the wildnerness waiting within.



A thirty something, fifties inspired traveller with a love of home comforts and pretty things. Lives in Norwich, plays in London.

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