Love is everywhere

A creative poetic interlude



Get ready for something a little bit different and a little bit gorgeous..

This isn’t usual for me but I have decided to start leaving my poetry somewhere for others to enjoy.  It might not be the sassy words you’re used to reading from me but it is cathartic and helpful to both me and maybe others.  In my eyes it still fits in with my focus on wellbeing as it’s all on the path of **cliche alert** ‘finding my truth’ (gag).  For me, being creative and getting in touch with both the universe and the love within is a big part of my healing and DAMN it’s exciting mudder fudders.  For a junkie like me, the highs of infinity get me very hot and sweaty haha.

Ok so lets get beautiful for a moment (and a little serious)

I’m learning that the courageous spirit is like a flower in springtime, slowly opening up my tightly closed petals to reveal the very essence of creation hidden inside. I’m stripping away layer after protective layer until my true nature is fully exposed, dropping every mask, shedding every lie, and releasing every judgment until I finally uncover a spark of the divine flame flickering within.

I’ve never shared my poetry, my dance, my song, my creativity and essence but it feels like it’s time.  It’s time to use it to show who I really am and to connect with others.

I’m letting down my guard and opening myself up, allowing all to see the stunning colours of my singular soul – and I do this knowing that my unique beauty comes not from being who I once thought I should, but from revealing the truth of who I already am. By embracing my vulnerability, I free myself to give and receive love, opening up an inner spring of joy, igniting the fires of my personal passion, and awakening a new kind of strength that defies traditional understanding

I’e realised there is a bit of divinity within me just as there is within the waters of the ocean and the stars of the sky.  I realised that, if I didn’t find it appropriate to judge a star as bright enough , then it also wasn’t fair to judge myself in such a way.

Love is everywhere

Love is everywhere

A prose about Love

Don’t you know by now that every love poem is about you?

Do you not yet see that every song, every hastily scribbled line, every passionate rendition is for you as much as it’s for anyone?

Love isn’t a one-on-one thing, something that can be kept between one giver and one receiver – because in love there is no ‘other’. There is just love and the expression of love.

So go ahead and receive it as if it were meant for you. Read every poem as if you were the writer’s most precious muse, and listen to every song as if it were written with the image of you in mind, with the sound of your voice inspiring its tune, with the warmth of your heart fueling the fervent soul expressions that became that inspired art. Do you see now, beloved, that they are all for you?

Accept them. Gather them up like precious little jewels and disperse them in your own fashion everywhere you go – for you are the world and the world is an expression of love. Be at one with it and you will know riches beyond your wildest dreams.

Much love and blessings



A thirty something, fifties inspired traveller with a love of home comforts and pretty things. Lives in Norwich, plays in London.

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