This section is a non sugar coated account of the things I do to try and improve wellbeing. I’ll try ANYTHING from the sublime to the ridiculous. Some things work and some don’t, but I promise I’ll review them all honestly.

Furthermore, I’ll talk about the things I do that make me happier. For me, it’s the things that stimulate the senses. I’ll explore the taste, touch, smell, sight and sound of things in a mindful way.

The wellbeing experiences I cover will range from traditional counselling therapies to dancing through the house naked to some 80s tunes.  Everything is worth a try.

This section, in fact this blog as a whole is in no way a substitute for ‘real’ therapy.  However it gives ideas of experiences everyone can benefit from to live a calmer life.  Most of what I recommend can be done just by using your mind and a bit of willpower.  Anything is worth a try right?

The Goddess In Nature

The Goddess and Renewal

I wrote a post this time last year about letting go. Autumn always inspires these feelings owing to nature shedding it’s summer skin.  As someone in tune with Mother Nature and a self confessed Elementalist, I tend to be influenced strongly by seasons and weather. This year during Samhain, I took steps to let go…

mental illness

Eye of the storm

Authenticity is important to me.  So, I feel I can’t talk about wellbeing without covering the times when mine falls over, when I can’t and don’t cope.  So, let me tell you about today as I write this as an attempt at some soft therapy.   Today was a blinding fall. Sometimes depression and anxiety are…

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