New year new poetry

I’m starting off 2019 in Fuerteventura. This island is one of my favourite places – full of magical volcanic energy. Today has been the first day that I’ve felt clear of the distraction of my hummingbird mind and been able to create something beautiful. So my 2019 gift for you is three poems. Recently I’ve…


Sensory Poetry

Happy And then after so much fight, it comes with no fanfare, no preface, no applause. The simplest little thought that passes by, almost unnoticed, like the tinies tendril on an almost forsaken tree. I’m happy. So short, so simple, so sweet, and yet with the power to answer a thousand questions, settle a thousand…


Love, Passion and Losing Yourself

Love Prevails   Love will always conquer hate, my dear. Sure, it’s harder won. It’s easier to hate each other – after all, what we know about each other is limited to stereotypes and corporate sponsored lies meant to keep us apart. But there’s something more to us, something that unites us. Something deeper, something…

call of the wild

Wild Sensual Poetry

Answer the wild   It really is okay to be a little wild, to let up the control and let down your hair. It’s okay because the woman that you’re working so hard to become is already within you; and the little girl that you once were will never leave. They’re all singing together – the maiden,…

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