Escaping through travel has had the biggest impact on my wellbeing over the years.  I don’t travel to escape life, just to take a break from it.  I go to new places to enrich my life through widening my experiences.

Not all travel improves mental health and anxiety.  I will show you how to holiday in a way optimum to your wellbeing.  Furthermore, I’ll show you how to minimise the anxiety you may feel when leaving home for long periods. Use this, along with my blogs lifestyle section to help alleviate the depression that can be a result of returning home.

I like to travel and holiday, sometimes with comfort and sometimes with challenges.  I like to push myself and reward myself in how I see the world to equal measures.

Travel pushes me to be mindful which is why it is so wonderful. It makes my five senses encounter things that they’ve never known. In low times in day to day life, memories of these moments help me smile.

Through this section you’ll find a wealth of ideas that may both suit and horrify you.  These will range from ultimate luxury and relaxation to trekking up mountains at 4am. As ever I’ll be open and honest with what I love and what I hated so you can make your own judgement.

Everyone is different but I will try anything once, especially when it comes to seeing the world. I’m looking forward to sharing my adventures with you.

Paris skycape

My Love Affair With Paris

Have I told you about the time I fell in love with Paris? Paris is one of the world’s most historic, romantic and magnetic cities. I had high expectations yet worried about going there in case they were shattered. Countless movies had made me romanticise it, picturing myself cycling through the streets with cheese and…


Ocean Horse Riding In Jamaica

Horse riding through the ocean is such a romantic notion, one on a few peoples Bucket Lists. Despite growing up on the coast and loving horses, I’ve never had opportunity to do this. However, in both Montego Bag (Sandy Beach) and Negril you are able to explore Jamaica’s countryside on horseback followed by an ocean…

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