Who am I?

So about me, my name is Amanda, I’m a 40 year old professional female. I work in a senior management role within a large company. I have a lovely husband, two beautiful cats and a nice home. On paper things are pretty sweet.  The only issue is that I live with severe depression and anxiety, so spend lots of my time faking it?


What is this blog about?

My blog is a realists guide to wellbeing. Whether you suffer with mental health issues or just want to improve your wellbeing then this blog is for you.

In this blog I’ll show you the things I try to improve my wellbeing and live a happier life, moving me further down the road of contentment. Everything I try is available to everyone, and although not everything works for me, it might for you.

This isn’t about selling in a new diet plan or exercise regime. It’s not about selling you faddy therapies or expensive tech. It’s about changing the simple things around you.

My main focus, and the biggest improvement to my health has come through travel and experiences. However I recognize this isn’t for everyone, especially when leaving the house is hard. Owing to this I’ll also talk about products you can buy and lifestyle changes you can make at home to help you along your journey.

Mental illness will probably be with you forever. I’m not offering a cure and recovery isn’t a smooth ride. This blog will contain my failures and frustrations as well as my successes to keep things real. I aim to bring you further along the road to contentment or at least help manage the bumps along the way.


How did this blog start?

I was off work years ago with mental illness. I was lonely, frustrated and needed a safe outlet to express myself without leaving my bed. As an ex journalist, writing has always been my preferred communication method. This led to the birth of an anonomous blog: Spice not Sugar.

My worst depressive episode came later; a result of being bullied and pressured at work. I was struggling at home and generally not coping with life. In short, I was ready to end it all. I had been unable to gain support from work or my doctor. My partner was at a loss with how to help. All he could do was watch me self destruct.

It took near suicide to get people to listen. If I’d had help while I was unravelling then maybe things would have been different. Since then I have been open minded to anything and everything to help my mental health. I have taken my wellbeing into my own hands rather than rely on others.


Why is this blog for you?

I’m not better. Like an alcoholic I’m ‘in recovery’ but I will always be a sufferer. The difference is, at 40 I have accepted this. In addition I have realised that I can change my own life to help myself and manage my wellbeing.

As my management of my mental health has evolved, so has my blog. It’s no longer an online diary of hopelessness for me to wallow in. I want this blog to show people who suffer from mental illness that there are things you can do to help yourself, things that don’t always cost money. Some things you can do without even leaving the sofa. All it will take is a little bit of commitment to expand your world and senses.

I don’t have a magic wand or a ‘cheat’ to wellness but I am committed to helping making your life easier.

Amanda Goward

Amanda G

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